CocoBana Bengals

After dark all cats are leopards

Joule has an awesome life with Joe & Sarah!  (Parents Kahuna X Blue Hawaii)

 Thank you Eleanor & Luke for this beautiful picture of Max (Parents Kahuna X Blue Hawaii)

    Sophia's loving girl, Lucy (from Kahuna & Coconut)

   Chris' big boy, Simba (Parents Kahuna & Blue Hawaii)

 Bella is as beautiful as her mother. Thank you for the photo. (Parents Surfer X Aruba) 

Aloha and welcome to CocoBana Bengals cattery. We are located in Lancaster County, PA and are a TICA registered cattery as well as members.  My husband and I are owners as well as partners of the business.  Our Bengal cats and kittens are part of our family as well as our lives and the time spent with them is extremely important as well as needed. They are truly my world and mean everything to me.

Health, happiness, temperament and size are foremost of our goals in addition to breeding gorgeous Bengals that will have vibrant coats and patterns. I want to breed kittens that will make everyone's heads turn!  Our focus in this upcoming year will not only be selective breeding for large open rosettes, but also in bringing charcoal snow lines into the cattery.

CocoBana Bengals is an island themed cattery, where you will see many tikis, lais and other beachy items throughout. Most of all, we have fun with our Bengals and absolutely love what we do and it shows in the kittens' affectionate personalities.

Please look over our site and enjoy the photos and information we are constantly updating.  Mahalo!

For more information on one of our frikki tiki Bengal babies, please contact:  

Frank and Jennifer at:  or call:


        Visit our Available Kittens page

Gabriella's baby, Oliver:) (Parents are Kahuna X Blue Hawaii) I remember how mischievous this guy was!    


Christine's little soulmate, Gus<3

Chaos with his new friend, Kato:) (Parents Kahuna & Montego Bay)

Courtney's love, Rajah:)

Thank you Jessica for this sweet photo of your Stella:)

 Me with one of the bitties<3


Please click the link below for our newest Bengal video. It is a bittersweet reflection of all of our 2015 babies. Enjoy and have a Happy New Years!






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